Having a desirable product or service is only half the battle when it comes to building a successful business. Without a distinct brand identity, you run the risk of fading into the marketplace with the rest of your competition.

Creating a unique brand, or personality, for your company that attracts customers and profits takes planning and patience. We’ve compiled a list of tips that are useful for anyone looking to boost their business, from new start-ups to established brands needing new vitality.

Be consistent.

In order to make your brand memorable and increase your customer base, you must burn your image into your customers’ minds. This can’t be done unless you keep your logo, tagline, colors and visuals consistent across all channels.

Have compelling visuals. Images are sticky. People remember pictures first, words second. Your marketing materials will communicate more effectively with the targeted use of clear, compelling visuals that reinforce your brand story.

Maintain your brand.

Your brand needs constant attention to make sure it stays on track. Maintaining your brand involves beeping your materials fresh and updated and keeping your visuals and message clear and consistent. Don’t let your brand go stale by using the same brochure you had printed eight years ago. At the same time, don’t do big rebrands on a whim. Give your message some time to establish itself.

Set clear goals.

There are two sets of goals you need to keep in mind when marketing your brand. You must set overall goals for your company and individual goals for your marketing projects. Whatever your unique project goals may be, make sure each of them reinforces your overall brand strategy.

Make employees brand ambassadors.

Employees can be walking, talking advertisements for your brand. Make sure they understand your brand story and are enthusiastic about spreading the word. Listen to their ideas, and reward creative employee brand initiatives.

Take notice of your brand and what image it is portraying. Give it the thoughtfulness and care it deserves, and start boosting your business.