PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE : tell us about your design needs
Every branding and design project requires a unique approach. In order to help us understand your project goals and design needs, Luckynine Design has put together this worksheet. With the answers you provide, we can create an accurate proposal custom tailored for your business. Please answer all questions as best you can and skip any that are not relevant. This is an in-depth questionnaire. If time is a concern, you may also fill out our shorter online request for proposal form or download this questionnaire in Word (.doc) or PDF format and submit your answers to us via email. We look forward to hearing what we can do for you.
Your Company
1. What is the name of your company and what is your current or intended web address? Please specify website status.
Company Name:
Web address
Site currently live? Yes No

2. Who will be the primary contacts in your company on this project? Please list names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses.

3. Where is your company located?
Country if outside US

Are there any unique features of your location that are relevant to your brand?

4. Briefly describe what your company does. What products or services do you provide or intend to promote? Do you have a mission statement you wish to share?

Your Industry

1. Please provide a brief industry description. How is your company perceived in your industry?
i.e. How do you advertise and market the business - though print, web, TV or radio, other?

2. Who are some of your main competitors?
Competitor Website  
Competitor Website  
Competitor Website  

3. How does your company differ from your competitors?

Your Project

1. Please provide a brief summary of your project:

2. What are the key objectives of this project? Branding/identity reinforcement, improved access to information, direct sales, etc.

3. Are you looking to freshen up the look of your brand, or do you need a complete redesign?  Update look Complete redesign

4. Will you need a logo developed?  Yes No

5. Who is your target market? Gender, age, class, etc

6. How would you like people to describe your brand and marketing materials? For example, fun, corporate, modern, bold, etc

7. Do you have content written or will you need copywriting services?  Have content Need copywriting services

8. Do you have existing imagery that can be used in this project or will you need Luckynine Design to find or create images?
Have high resolution images Need images

9. Do you have any fonts, colors or styles already in mind? If so, please list them below

10. Do you have a deadline for this project?   Yes No
Please explain

Your Website

Answer the following questions if you require web design services. Otherwise, leave these blank.

1. Do you have an existing website in need of redesign or will you be building a new site from the ground up?
Redesigning existing site Need site built

2. Have you planned your site’s structure and content? Do you know approximately how many pages your site will require?

3. Will you require ongoing site management, or would you like to be able to update the site using an online content management system.
Would like site management Would like content managed system

4. Is there a key function you need your site to include? Video, shopping cart, advertisements, etc

5. Please find three sites that you like and list their urls so that we can review them. Also, please list the specific elements of each site you find compelling.
Site 1  
Site 2  
Site 3  

Features of these sites you like:

6. Do you have hosting?   Yes No

7. Will you be running any email campaigns or other promotions in association with your website?    Yes No

If yes, please explain

Your Thoughts

Take as much space as you need to tell us any additional information.


Your Name
Email Address
Phone Number


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